Warning: May use harsh words. Could also spontaneously errupt into a frenzy of bad mouthing, insulting and general mayhem at any given time. You have been warned.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You ever get those moments when you wake up, look in the mirror and actually recoil? Yeah, I did that with my hair this morning. Saying it needs a wee trim is quite the understatement. It's all such a mess. I think I got some structure to it after a shower and the use of a hair dryer, but then as soon as I stepped outside, whoosh! Hair. In. Mess. Again.

Went to Vale Park today. Was pretty cool, I must say. (Note: trying to phase out the use of 'k' when I spell cool. Apparantly it's wrong. Liars!) Anyway, days of just lousing around should be more common. It was cool (ha, see) just sitting there and talking to people about anything and everything. Better than me just sitting home and playing Tekken, anyway. So yeah. It also gave me a summer-feeling. Not the hot, humid and sticky feeling that July brings, but the airy, breezy and high spirit-like feeling that it brings. Hopefully this summer will be a hit. And I also hope that I can avoid getting stung by a wasp again. It's eight summers I've avoided the little buggers' tails now. Here's to maiking it nine.

Anyway, my weekend was good. Friday saw the Wendover Woods Shindig (copyright) take place. That was cool. I drunk cider and lager, so did everyone. Thus, it was a good get together. Unfortunately the fucking police showed up and ended it. (And there I was thinking they had ice lollies and a cooler in the back). Despite the setback, however, we refused to give in. We fought the law, and the law didn't win. A number of us stayed in the park and hung out for a couple more hours, before finally making a retreat to the homestead. That'll teach 'da po-leese'. Or something.

Saturday was work. Gay.

Sunday was band practise, followed by pub. The practises are going well. We have about six songs which are starting to sound cohesive and structured, which is cool when you pay loadsa money to rent out a hall. Least it's all going to plan. We've decided to pull out the Cooper gig, though. As much as a 45 minute set would be cool, we just couldn't do it for a first gig. We only have 25 minutes of material as it is, and the event takes place in under a month. So basically no cigar. Still, we're getting a pub gig sorted for mid July. Seeing as I love the pub, it should be grand. Hmm.

Green Day on Saturday. Will see most of you there. To all you others, I'll see you whenever.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

My computer is infertile. Or, in other words, it won't not work. Pfft. Oh well, least I take solace in the fact that I still have Broadband. *strokes Broadband connection wires* Yesss, now I have the son I never had.

Ermm. Yeah.

Anyway, a travesty occured at work today that was beyond anything put into words. An event so earth-shatteringly bad that it shook the foundations of my soul. An event that had such dire implications attached to it that it means I can never stride through those doors 9am saturday morning without the enthusiasm I always had. What such travesty at work was this? Well, I'll tell you. *weep* The fit girl at work left today.

Now, really. There's just no point me working anymore. It was never about the money, never about the suffering, almost never about the social aspect. It was seeing her that made my day. And now that is gone. Why, god, why! Of all the things to take away from me, it had to be this! Why? It's just... not... fair! *dies*

Oh well, there's always the other fit one to look at.

Anyway, the news in brief concerning Lynx DaRyBird Jaytonnomy. Or Ryan. Whatever one you prefer.

  • Finch announced to open Reading. That made me a happy boy.
  • Running on Bravado scheduled to play their first gig at the Cooper School. With our current set list sitting on two songs, we're set to rock the house.
  • My revision is currently waiting to be done. That concerns me. Slightly. However, despite this new wave of concern, I still won't bother doing any.
  • I got a pay-rise. Of about forty pence. That'll do me.
  • My new amp is set to cost me roughly 300 quid. A forty pence pay-rise aint gonna cover that, I'm afraid. Bollocks. Need. More. Hours. Noooooo!
  • Coheed's new album is out soon. Well, a few months. But still, I'm l0oking forward to it.
  • New Star Wars film out thursday. I might have to go see it just for the sheer hell of it. Never really was a Star Wars fan.

And that concludes today's post. Hope you enjoyed it, yardy-yar-yar, etc. Happy revision. You'll all do well. And if you do fuck up, you can always do re-takes! Hooray!


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Well, that was a pretty god-awful week. Seven days filled with fucked-up "mishaps" that seemed to get shitter and shitter. Oh, wait, six days. Still got tomorrow to look forward to. Oh yes. Oh yay.

Plus I was quite upset all week anyway for a more serious reason. But hey, like I'd share that reason with you all. As they say, mind your own business. And yes, I'm well aware that none of you have asked what's wrong yet. Ah, well... *flees*


*returns* Fleeing was gay.

On the plus side though... wait. There was this... no. Umm... well there was... no, actually. Bugger, it's all shite. Got an A in my English coursework though. Too fucking right I did. The ridiculous amount of hours I gave to that bollocks warranted nothing less than an A in my mind. Cuh.

Wooooorrrrrrrrrrrk is shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiit. You know the story. I was thinking of quitting today. But I guess I'm not gonna. Firstly, I'm too wimpy. Secondly, I need the money. And thirdly, well, there never is a third. So there we are.

I'm in a sombre mood. I could talk about the importance of friendship and how we're all gonna be leaving in a years time etc. But all that means fuck all now seeing as everyone's deserted everyone and gone and "found themselves". Could talk about all that love/lust shit. But that depresses me. So we're not going there. Could talk about the general election, and how every middle-class university student over the next five year period (ie us) is *officially* fucked for life. But again, that depresses me. ([cue] still a Labour supporter now? [/cue] This blog has an air of pointlessness to it now. There's nothing intelligent to write about anymore. My intelligence has reached its limits. I'm not venturing into anything more mentally challenging now. I think I might tad it down a bit. A few EEEEEEEEEEEs here and there, a few lololololols over there, a bold font or two slotted in over there. Yeah, with that I would rake in the popularity. *slaps head*

I love you all. Or do I? That's one for Private Eye.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here's a little 'quiz' *slash* 'questionnaire' thingy that I'm making up on the spot. Feel free to copy and paste, delete all my answers, fill in your own and finally post it up on the comments. If you can't be arsed, then shame on your arse. Or something. Just fill it in.

My current mood is: Cranky.
The Last TV Programme I watched was: Doctor Who.
My Three favourite albums at the moment are: Biffy Clyro - Infinity Land; Coheed and Cambria - In keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3; Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Freinds.
My Favourite song right now is: Biffy Clyro - Wave upon wave upon wave.
At the moment I am reading: The Da Vinchi Code - Dan Brown.
So far I think it's: Fucking Brilliant.
I think Tony Blair is a: Lying little cunt and a shitty Prime Minister.
The last person I spoke to on msn was: Adam Tansley.
I think Tom Ward should: Shave all his hair off. For no particular reason.
TV Licensing is: A bloody rip-off.
My worst flaw is: My quietness.
My best quality is: My emoness.
I last got drunk: About a month ago.
I've had enough of: Other people passing their driving test.
The last film I watched was: Super Size Me.
In my humble opinion it was: Pretty good.
I love the Irish because: They gave guinness to the world.
The best band at Reading so far is: Either MCR or Maiden.
My plans for this summer are: Nothing special this year. So far...
If I had to choose between an apple or a banana, I would pick: The apple. Any day of the week.
My excuse for forgetting St. George's Day was: I was at work. So nurrr.
My favourite colour is: Green.
The best sport to watch is: Ice Hockey.
At the moment I am wearing: A black and white polo shirt and some blue jeans.
One day I hope to: Smack 50 cent round the jaw.
Whatever happened to: Normski?
The amount of 'crushes' I have at the moment amount to: 2.
The one thing I reckon is underrated is - Billy Talent.
The one thing I reckon is overrated is - Mayonnaise.
I found this quiz to be - Quite irritating, actually.

God speed you all.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I hate you. And you. You as well. I mildly dislike you. Hate you. And you. You, I like. I hate you, though. Hate you. Can't stand the sight of you. And I hate you.


It's Thursday. So normally I'd be doing homework, ready for tomorrow. But, oh snap. It's merit holiday tomorrow. That's a shame. No homework and a whole day off. WhateverWillIDo?

Well, actually, I have a driving lesson first thing, so it's not like I have a lie-in. After the driving lesson I'm in town with a few people, though. Should be fun. Meeting up with Double Double-you. Or Will Wakeford. Haven't seen that window-vandalising homie in months. Hope he doesn't paint me white.

Saturday work. Gay. Sunday band practice. Yay. Monday b-b-q. Wahey! So the four day weekend on the whole is looking quite good. And work shouldn't be that bad. Least I get to wear jeans.

Anyway. Debate of the week. Or month. Or maybe even year if you're the extreme type. That debate is... What's the better TV show? The OC or Desperate Housewives?

Now, call me a girl if you like, I don't care. But both shows are rockadily awesome. I mean, The OC has that feel-good air to it that can't be beaten by any other program, while at the same time showcasing in-depth characters and great use of sarcastic humour (by Seth mainly). And it also has Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson in it. But then Desperate Housewives has that intelligent scripted stuff that's thought provoking, while on the backbeat it's funny and entertainingly good fun, with so many different scenarios fitting into one street. And it has a horny Eva Longoria in it.

I think The OC wins it. Though D.H. is great, it's been kinda stretched for too long with this series, and the massive story line keeps getting dragged on. And Mischa Barton beats Eva Longoria any day of the year.

And she's a lesbian.


Friday, April 08, 2005

Interesting week, gotta be said.

First thing's first, Russia was fan-fookin'-tastic. Serious. I had this place pictured as a glum, hostile shit hole that I would hate the minute I got there. Well, the minute I got there I actually felt quite welcome, and the longer I stayed the more I loved it. T'was sad having to leave.

The trip itself was amazing. Seeing museums in the day and getting wrecked in the evening is my idea of an educational trip. And that's pretty much what we did. Visited 'big-ass' museums in the day and then got pissed at the 'here-we-sell-pints-for-a-quid' hotel bar. I didn't complain. There was also a pool table. I like pool. Except when I lose pool. Then pool is shit.

So yeah, I think the most insightful comment of the whole trip was made by Chris Webster: "That's the thing about Russia, y'see. There's so much space..."

Cheers for that.

Got back from Russia, bit knackered. Went into town the next day, skipped along to the cash machine, checked my bank balance and... oh dear. Turns out some duty-free shop in Prague had ripped me off. Hard. Nearly fifty quid's worth, in fact. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fucking fuckson fucker. Fifty quid? How in Mephistopheles did they get away with that? If I ever see that cashier again I'll show her exactly what fifty quid means to someone like me, the fucking beyatch!


Anyway, had a sleepover at Miss Undrell's hovel last night. Was a good laugh. We watched Shrek 2. Then talked about penis measuring. Yeah, was a weird night. Damn you, Emma! Anyway, got little sleep, then set off into town this morning. T'was kool.

Anyway, hope you all have a cracking end to your Easter Holidays. Or in other words, I hope you all finish the homework you've left to the last minute in time.

"These teenage years, well they don't last. Oh yeah, oh yeah."


Monday, March 28, 2005

Why 565? Is there really any relevance to it? Is this the 565th blog template of this kind to be used? Does it account for all the blogs called 'My Own Project Mayhem'? Or is it just a random number? I want answers, dammit!

(The number that's on the top-left-hand side of the page, by the way. No, I'm not crazy.)

Anyway, fuck man! Russia! Tomorrow! It's come around in no time, I tell ya. Looking forward to it, though. Well, not really the waking up at 3.30 am thing, but still, should be kool. Always wanted to see that 'big ass' cathedral in Moscow. Let's hope it's a good un'.

Anyway, seeing as I won't be around for a while, I'm gonna do things a little different. Below is a list of songs I have been listening to recently. Just thought I'd share the love and reveal a load of great bands around that should be recognised, are just superb, etc, along with some of their best songs. Some of its old, some of its new. Have a good two weeks off, guys. :)

Billy Talent - Nothing to Lose.
Billy Talent - Lies.
Million Dead - Living the Dream.
Million Dead - I am the Party
Story of the Year - In the Shadows
Story of the Year - And the Hero Will Drown
Rufio - Science Fiction
Taking Back Sunday - One-Eighty by Summer
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the 'E'.
Senses Fail - Freefall Without a Parachute.
Thrice - Under a Killing Moon.
Millencolin - Man or Mouse.
My Chemical Romance - Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us.
Home Grown - You're Not Alone.
Pennywise - The World.
Mad Capsule Markets - Tribe.
Bad Religion - American Jesus.
Lit - Lipstick and Bruises.